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SWA Fine Art is a trading name for Sunset Aviation Art Limited

SWA Fine Art is a trading name for Sunset Aviation Art Limited.
Reg # 11297707


Original Paintings


Owning an original oil painting need not break the bank. You will find our paintings to be reasonably and fairly priced. As a family business we have low overheads and a passion to always offer the highest quality art at the most affordable prices.

As far as we know we are the only company offering paintings signed shortly after they were completed, either by WW2 aircrew or, Concorde pilots. Each is unique and can never be replicated. Imagine your pride in owning a painting signed by these distinguished crew – what a talking point!

All the paintings listed are painted in oil and on canvas. They can be supplied either framed or unframed.

If you would like further information or would like to buy one, please either email Steve Downes, CEO of Sunset Aviation Art


From the UK Tel: 0161 355 0476
From Overseas Tel: 44 + 161 355 0476





Typhoons on Patrol.

Typhoons On Patrol

by Philip E West

Price: £1950

Framed size: 30 x 20






Heading Home


Heading Home
(Signed by crew members)

by Philip E. West

Having completed yet another sortie the crew of 101 Squadron Special Operations Lancaster SR-W, piloted by Flt. Lt. Rusty Waughman, are about to commence the long and hazardous journey back to their base at Ludford Magna, Lincolnshire.


Framed size: 33 x 19 inches

This oil painting has been signed on the back of the canvas by men from 101 Squadron who flew on the very mission depicted in this painting.

Back of Heading Home

Sergeant Idris (Taff) Arndell (Mid-upper gunner)
Squadron Leader Alexander (Alec) Cowan (Navigator)
Sergeant E H (Ted) Manners (Special Duties Officer)
W/O J (Curly) Ormerod DFM (Flight Engineer)
Flt Lt Russell (Rusty) Waughman DFC, AFC, (Pilot)
Plus six other flight crew from 101 squadron.






Honor the Brave


Honor the Brave

by Philip E. West

One of the last aircraft to come aboard following the day’s combat actions was the (photo-bird) RF-8G Crusader. Unarmed, apart from cameras and film, the eyes of the fleet pilots roamed far and wide throughout Vietnam to bring back vital post-strike photographs and reconnaissance information. The USS Coral Sea represented one of twenty-one attack and anti-submarine carriers deployed to the Gulf of Tonkin. Their crews displayed courage, duty, sacrifice and service.


Framed size: 36 x 16 inches






Lancasters Over Kynance


Lancasters Over Kynance

Signed by 10 members of Bomber Command.


Framed size 36 x 28

Lancasters Over Kynance




Phantom Thunder


Phantom Thunder

by Philip E. West

An F4 Phantom of 92 Squadron, based at Wildenraf, Germany, about to embark on yet another QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) mission to intercept potential hostile aircraft during the Cold War. You can almost hear and feel the power of this incredible aircraft as it roars down the runway.


Framed size: 33 x 19 inchess





Cloud Companions


Cloud Companions

(Signed by four Concorde pilots)

Signed by four Concorde pilots, including
Captain Mike Bannister, Chief Concorde pilot.

by Stephen Brown

It is 24 December 1985 and four Concordes are brought together for a unique event. To celebrate 10 years of Concorde passenger services, British Airways organised a special formation flight. Taking off from Heathrow in turn, the four Concordes proceeded to assemble in a number of different formations whilst doing a circuit around the south coast of England.

Price: £3,450.00

Framed size: 44” x 30”

Back of Cloud Companions






Supersonic Thoroughbred

Supersonic Thoroughbred

Signed by a pilot on this record-breaking flight.

by Stephen Brown

Commemorating the fastest
ever Transatlantic
crossing by a commercial Aircraft.

Back of Supersonic Thoroughbred

Captain Les Scott, Senior First Officer Tim Orchard and Senior Engineering Officer Rick Eades made history on the 7 th February 1996, when they flew

Concorde G-BOAD from New York to London in a record-breaking 2 hours,

52 minutes and 59 seconds; the fastest ever

transatlantic crossing by a commercial aircraft.

Price: £1,950.00

Framed size: 34 x 22






The Hunting Party

The Hunting Party

General Adolf Galland leads Me262s of JV44 back to base having been scrambled to intercept a formation of American bombers, April 1944.

by Stephen Brown


Framed size: 56 x 36 inches





Royal Rescue

A Royal Rescue

By Stephen Brown

HRH Prince William with fellow flight crew in a pair of RAF Westland Sea King HAR.3 Search and Rescue helicopters. These aircraft are from 22 Squadron ‘C’ Flight based at RAF Valley in Wales.

Prince William earned his wings by completing pilot training at RAF College Cranwell. In 2009, the Prince transferred to the Royal Air Force, was promoted to flight lieutenant and underwent helicopter flying training in order to become a full time pilot with the Search and Rescue Force. In Autumn 2010 he completed his general and special-to-type helicopter training and joined 22 Squadron ‘C Flight’ at RAF Valley in Wales to undergo a full tour as part of the Sea King search and rescue helicopter force.

The Westland Sea King entered service as long ago as 1969 and has been adapted for many roles and used by countries around the world including Australia, India, Germany, Egypt and Norway. The Sea King’s versatile and robust construction has enabled its use in many situations including combat roles in the Falklands war, the first Gulf War, the Balkans and Iraq. Numerous variants have been developed including Airborne Early Warning, troop movement and supply, anti-submarine and Search and Rescue. A long program of technical evolution has resulted in the sophisticated aircraft in operation today. The aircraft shown in the painting are the HAR.3 variant, developed specifically for the RAF Search and Rescue Force. The bright yellow Sea King’s have been a feature of the UK’s coastal areas since they replaced the Westland Whirlwind in 1978.

Price: £1950

Framed size: 42” x 16”





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