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Storm Warning

by Philip E. West

Image size: 396mm x 814mm Overall Size; 499mm x 890mm
Edition size: 750

August 1990 saw the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, claiming for themselves the "Nineteenth Province" of Greater Iraq. As the allied coalition, led by the United States, pressed for Iraqi withdrawal, the troops, planes tanks and ships of the coalition gathered, first to defend Saudi Arabia from invasion and then to forcibly expel the Iraqi forces from Kuwait and restore it's legitimate government. After months of futile negotiations, allied forces prepared to strike. 'STORM WARNING' is a stunning depiction of the flight and deck crews aboard the USS Saratoga preparing F-14 Tomcats of V-103 (Sluggers) and F/A-18 Hornets (Sunliners) for the upcoming missions of January 16th, 1991, the evening before the launch of Operation Desert Storm.

Edition size 750: £75

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