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Concorde - second to none

Concorde - Second to none

Overall size: 28” x 20”

By Stephen brown

Having flown over Bristol, her birthplace, Concorde G-BOAC heads out over the Welsh coastline. Here, at 26,000 feet, the ‘inboard’ reheats are already lit while the ‘outboards’ have just been selected. A second nudge is sensed as the extra thrust accelerates Concorde towards the speed of sound – Mach 1 (about 675 mph). At Mach 1.7 the reheats are switched off; but the acceleration continues to Mach 2 while Concorde climbs towards 60,000 feet. Three and a half hours after departing London having consumed 80 tonnes of fuel – the same as a Boeing 747, but in less than half the time - Concorde will have arrived in New York.

Signed by a Concorde pilot, co-Pilot and a Flight Engineer.

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