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SWA Fine Art is a trading name for Sunset Aviation Art Limited

SWA Fine Art is a trading name for Sunset Aviation Art Limited.
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Fleet Air Arm
 Commemorative Edition

On 27th October 2006 we were honoured to be associated with a reunion to commemorate the Royal Navy’s Skua aircrew who flew from HMS Ark Royal.

This took place at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton.

To mark the occasion we published a new edition from a dramatic new painting by Philip West. Further down this page you will be able to view a small number of photos of both the signers and the event; we regret that space limitations on this page limit us to only a selection of photos, but we hope you will find them of interest.



Supreme Courage

Supreme Courage

Overall print size: 17¾ x 27¾ (approx. 45cms x 70cms.)

From the studio of Philip West and another ‘must have’ Limited Edition Print. A small edition, signed by men who fought courageously for ‘King and country’ Skuas flew from HMS Ark Royal through much of the 1940 campaign off Norway, and one is seen getting airborne in typically grey North Sea weather.

The Blackburn Skua had many remarkable “firsts” to its credit; the first all-metal monoplane built for the Fleet Air Arm (FAA); the first dive bomber in British air services; the first enemy aircraft shot down in WW2 fell to a Skua; the first fighter ace in the FAA (Lt. Bill Lucy DSO) flew Skuas and the first warship (Konigsberg) destroyed by dive bombing was sunk by Skuas.

Each picture comes with extensive biographical notes on each of the signatories.

The Primary Edition is signed by Lt. Cdr. Derek T.R. Martin (pilot), Eric Bond and Lloyd Richards (Telegraphist Air Gunners) and CPO Ron Skinner, HMS Ark Royal’s Ships Writer (duties included counting the aircraft out and those who returned safely) to HMS Ark Royal. (Four signatures)

The Artist Proofs and Remarques are also signed by Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown (the most highly decorated Royal Navy pilot, holder of the world record for flying the most types of aircraft – 487, and world record holder for the highest number of aircraft carrier landings – a staggering 2,407), Sqn Ldr. Douglas Harcourt (pilot), Lt. Cmdr. George R. Blackburn. (Seven signatures)

For further details of each person that has signed these prints - click here!

100 Primary Edition: £150

50 Artist Proofs: £175
15 Commemorative remarques: £275
10 Double CommemorativeRemarques: £425

For further details of each person to have signed these prints, please click here.

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