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Fine Art Publishers.
Understnding Prints



You may find the following information of help when selecting the print of your choice. If you have any questions though, please feel free to call or email us.

Limited edition prints.

A predetermined number of prints published from an original piece of art. The printing plates are subsequently destroyed to avoid further reproduction.

The quantity of prints published can vary from edition to edition and publisher to publisher. Typically, an edition will be 850, or less. The fewer there are the rarer the print. Each print is individually numbered. e.g. 15/850

The signature.

Every limited edition print bears the unique signature of the artist. This signature is the artist's seal of approval that the print is a faithful and accurate reproduction of his original painting.

Over the years collectors have demonstrated their enthusiasm for prints countersigned by pilots and/or crew members. Wherever possible we try to accommodate this preference, but sometimes it is either impractical or prohibitively expensive. e.g. when the relevant people live overseas.


This is a small original drawing or sketch made by the artist usually in the lower margin of the print. Generally, an artist would not Remarque more than 50 prints in an edition, each one of which attracts a premium price because of its uniqueness. i.e. no two drawings will ever be exactly the same. Remarqued prints tend to be the most valuable and prized of any edition.

Artist Proofs

These are published in addition to the main edition and signed as Artist Proof or A/P. Traditionally these prints are reserved for the artist's personal use, and do not exceed more than 10% of any one edition. Nowadays, most publishers and artists make this allocation available to collectors, albeit at a slight premium

Open edition prints

A print edition of an unrestricted quantity usually unsigned by either the artist or pilot and crew. Due to their unlimited nature and subsequent cost savings, these prints are often much cheaper to buy.

Paper quality

We use 300 gram acid free Paralux paper of the finest quality.

Printing Process

We use four colour Offset Lithography, the most widely used form of printing today.

Secondary Market market

Once an edition has sold out, the prints normally begin to attract a higher value, based on how quickly the edition sold out and the present demand for the print in question. Collectors will sometimes offer such prints for sale through an advertisement at a price they feel the print is now worth; this is known as the 'Secondary Market'. It is always worth giving the artist's publisher a call to see if they might know where you can find a specific print.

Sold Out

When used by Swa Fine Art Publishers it indicates we have sold out of that particular print. It is possible though that one of our retailers or distributors may still have a copy in stock and we will always be happy to put you in touch with the one nearest you.

Framing / Mounting

We recommend that prints are "Conservation Mounted." This will help preserve the life as well as the value of your limited edition print. If you take your print to a framer be sure to take your time over the selection of both the mount and frame, keeping in mind the décor of the room where you propose to hang the picture.

For many people taking a print to be framed can be a time consuming experience. Choosing the right frame and mount from a selection that may run into hundreds, can often be confusing and you won't really know what the framed print will look like until you pick it up from the framer.

Whilst we think most framers provide an outstanding service, for those of you who are too busy or too far away from a framer to take your print there, we have an alternative for you!

If you prefer the idea of buying a print, framed and ready to hang on the wall, SWa offers you the opportunity to buy the print of your choice, already conservation mounted and framed, and delivered to your home or workplace. (U.K. only)

We offer an unconditional guarantee for its safe arrival, and if you don't like the framed picture when you see it, you can send it back to us for a full refund or replacement.




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Copyright SWA Fine Art Publishers.