101 Squadron Profile


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RAF Bomber Command Profiles
By Chris Ward
101 Squadron Profile

101 Squadron has a long and glorious history, having been formed within the Royal Flying Corps in 1917.
Just before the outbreak of the Second World War, 101 Squadron re-equipped with the Bristol Blenheim, initially as a training and conversion unit.
The war became real for the squadron after the fall of France, and it played a full part in the Battle of Britain,
attacking enemy invasion barges and airfields, before moving into an anti-shipping role.
The intensifying bombing war then occupied the squadron for the duration of hostilities.
After eighteen months with the Wellington bomber, 101 Squadron found its weapon of choice, the mighty Lancaster.
With this iconic aircraft, the unit became legendary. The Luftwaffe’s night fighters were, by this time,
becoming a lethal adversary and counter-measures were urgently needed if the bomber streams were to get through to their targets.
101 Squadron found its ultimate niche in the use of the highly-secret ‘Airborne Cigar’ (ABC) radio equipment,
which allowed each aircraft so equipped to jam three German radio channels simultaneously.
This had a very significant effect in reducing the capability of the defenders.
101 Squadron and its crews took part in every major campaign by Bomber Command, though this was inevitably at a high cost,
with seven Lancasters out of twenty-six lost in a single night. The unit flew on more bombing raids than any other squadron in Bomber Command,
but suffered the highest casualties, with 1176 airmen killed in action.
Chris Ward’s profile of 101 Squadron is a comprehensive history of the unit through World War Two and contains details of every aircraft operated between 1939 and 1945.
The operational records are set in the context of the bombing campaign and leavened with personal stories.
It is illustrated throughout with some 200 photographs, many never previously published,
these having been provided by the 101 Squadron Association archives and private individuals,
including the personal collection of Flight Lieutenant Rusty Waughman, DFC.
This book is the definitive history of one of the RAF’s most illustrious squadrons.
Overall size of Book 8.5 inch x 11 inch
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