Cloud Companions – Concorde Original By Stephen Brown

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Cloud Companions – Concorde Original By Stephen Brown

Owning an original oil painting need not break the bank. You will find our paintings to be reasonably and fairly priced.
As a family business we have low overheads and a passion to always offer the highest quality art at the most affordable prices.

As far as we know we are the only company offering paintings signed shortly after they were completed, either by WW2 aircrew or, Concorde pilots.
Each is unique and can never be replicated. Imagine your pride in owning a painting signed by these distinguished crew – what a talking point!

All the paintings listed are painted in oil and on canvas. They can be supplied either framed or unframed.

Original Oil Painting

By Stephen Brown


Overall  size: 44” X 30”

It is 24 December 1985 and four Concordes are brought together for a unique event. To celebrate 10 years of Concorde passenger services, British Airways organised a special formation flight.
Taking off from Heathrow in turn, the four Concordes proceeded to assemble in a number of different formations whilst doing a circuit around the south coast of England.
The flight leader is Captain Brian Walpole piloting G-BOAA.
The other aircraft were piloted by Captain John Eames (G-BOAC), Captain John Cook (G-BOAF) and Captain David Leney (G-BOAG).
The detailed flight planning had been undertaken by Captain Jock Lowe (G-BOAF, Co-Pilot to the now deceased Captain John Cook) and Captain David Leney.
The photographs from this special occasion have become very well known and were used by British Airways for publicity purposes right through to the retirement of Concorde some 18 years later.

The Reverse of the canvas has been signed by Pilots and Crew
Cloud Companions – Concorde Original By Stephen Brown

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Cloud Companions – Concorde Original By Stephen Brown




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