Concorde Anniversary Collection Stephen Brown (Set of 4 Concorde Prints)


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Concorde Anniversary Collection

Concorde – On Final Approach Stephen Brown

Third edition in a set of 4 small collector prints depicting the final flight of Concorde.

Concorde G-BOAF coming in to land at Filton, Bristol on the occasion of the last ever Concorde flight, 26th November 2003.

Having flown around the Bay of Biscay and then a low pass over the Clifton suspension bridge, Concorde G-BOAF arrives back at its original birthplace.

This four piece set comprises of these prints below 

Concorde – Safely Home………………. Concorde – On Final Approach

Concorde – The Last Goodbye………..Concorde – Homeward Bound.

Print number 20 of 25 Artist Proofs – with 4 signatures £495.00

All prints are signed and numbered by the artist and countersigned by Concorde pilot
First Officer Peter T Sinclair

The Artist Proofs are additionally signed by the following Concorde Captains:
Tim Orchard (Captain)
Max Robinson (Captain)
David Studd (Captain)

Overall print size: 17” X 12”

The following Concorde pilots have all signed the Artist Proof and Remarqued copies of all four prints in the ‘Concorde Anniversary Collection.’

Here we hope  you will find these biographies of interest.
In fact think by knowing a little about the men behind each signature, it will help you obtain the most pleasure from your limited edition print (s).
We would ask you not to reproduce the biographies in any format without our permission.

 Tim Orchard Captain began his flying career in 1971. He has flown over 50 types of aircraft and is currently licensed to fly Aeroplanes, Helicopters, Hot Air Balloons and Hot Air Airships. Tim is an air-test pilot, a Display Pilot, a Flight Instructor and a Senior Examiner (of Pilots and Flight Instructors) for the Civil Aviation Authority.
Concorde Anniversary Collection

He jointly holds the Concorde World Record time for the journey from New York to London: 2hrs 52 minutes (7th February 1996). Tim has flown in formation with the Concorde on several occasions; the Heathrow 50th Anniversary with Red Arrows and several air-to-air photography sorties.

In his career with British Airways Tim has flown the Hawker-Sidley Trident, the Concorde and the Boeing 777 as well as spending nine years as personal pilot to the BA Board in an executive aircraft. Tim is Managing Director of a BA subsidiary, which runs its own airfield. He owns a hot air balloon and a 1950s De Havilland Chipmunk aircraft.

Peter T Sinclair (Co-Pilot) joined British Caledonian in 1980 and after the airlines merged became a British Airways Concorde pilot in 1991. This was the highlight to a varied aviation career, which had included Game Park flying in East Africa, worldwide freighting and operating wide-bodied passenger aircraft. During his 6 1/2 years flying Concorde accumulated 2600 hours and over 600 Supersonic Transatlantic flights to New York, Washington and Barbados. He was also involved in The Concorde Fleet’s Supersonic flights over the North Sea, Bay of Biscay and Mediterranean Sea, from many destinations, and a Tour of East and South Africa. On the day the Chatham Flag colour scheme was launched for Concorde operated on the air-to-air photographic publicity flight. Other responsibilities carried out on the Fleet included presentations on the aircraft and PR duties with the passengers. Left the Fleet to take a command on the B747, then finally the B777 before retirement. Since leaving British Airways has taken up a position flying the B747 once again, as well as continuing to operate his Auster light aircraft purely for pleasure.

In his career with British Airways Tim has flown the Hawker-Sidley Trident, the Concorde and the Boeing 777 as well as spending nine years as personal pilot to the BA Board in an executive aircraft. Tim is Managing Director of a BA subsidiary which runs its own airfield. He owns a hot air balloon and a 1950s De Havilland Chipmunk aircraft.

 Max Robinson Captain says flying has always been in his blood.
As a child, pictures and parts of planes where all around the home, purloined by an uncle from the Great War and his father a Battle of Britain Spitfire pilot.
As a schoolboy the obvious choice was the RAF section of the Combined Cadet Force. This led to flying Cadet gliders and, via the Flying Scholarship scheme, to a Private Pilots Licence before he finally managed to pass his motor vehicle driving test! Then to the College of Air Training at Hamble and on to BOAC as a second officer in 1967.
Concorde Anniversary Collection

Having employed Max as a pilot for the VC10 fleet, BOAC promptly decided that he should become a navigator and was posted to the B707 to learn the dark art, “Just a temporary move Old Boy”.
In the following 14 years he moved round most of the 707 cockpit seats, becoming a 707 Captain in 1977 and spent a happy 15 months seconded to Singapore Airlines as a 707 Commander.
The temporary 707 time ended in 1981 with the start of a 12-year stint on the B747 classic during which time British Airways encouraged a change to Route Training Captain.
Then in 1993 the most enjoyable part, for 7 years, flying BA’s flagship.
Trips to Greenland, to Oshkosh, to Marrakech and an Around the World Charter when a number of Royal Aero Club world speed records were obtained.
Such a great aeroplane and so much fun to fly is Max’s lasting memory of Concorde.

Now retired from BA he still flies, mostly for pleasure, in a 1951 Luscombe Silvair and when needed, as a pilot for a privately owned B747

David Studd Captain completed a Royal Navy Flying Scholarship with Surrey & Kent Fling School at Biggin Hill in 1965.
While being checked out for his first solo flight he was in the circuit with the Lancaster bomber now with the Memorial Flight just as it was arriving on its last leg from Australia to UK.

In 1968 he completed basic flying training with the BEA/BOAC programme at Oxford Air Training School at Kiddlington.
Joining BEA as a 2nd Officer on Vanguards for 3 years he then converted to the BAC 111 as a 1st Officer, flying mainly in and out of Berlin with the German internal services.
He then converted onto the Boeing 737 as a Captain in 1984. David converted onto Concorde in 1995, flying mainly to New York & Barbados, but also with some charter flights.
As a very enthusiastic golfer David says his most enjoyable charter flight was taking the European Ryder Cup team to Boston, USA.
En route Jose-Marie Olazabel made the world record putt of 9.23 miles, which now will probably never be beaten.
David retired in Dec 2002, just a few months before Concorde was itself retired from service.
He now spends many hours looking for his wayward golf balls!
Concorde Anniversary Collection


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