Operation Bodenplatte Nicolas Trudgian


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Operation Bodenplatte Nicolas Trudgian

Me109s and Fw190s of JG3 attack the Allied airfield at Eindhoven during operation Bodenplatte.
January 1st 1945 when over 900 German aircraft made simultaneous attacks on Allied air bases during the final phase of World War II.
Spitfires from 414 Squadron RCAF, returning from a recce, do their best to repel the 23 minute attack on Eindhoven.
In which the Luftwaffe destroyed or damaged 60 of 439 Squadron’s Typhoons.

600 Prints in the Standard Edition £175.00
Overall size of the print 22″ x 38″

Signed by four top Luftwaffe pilots who flew in Operation Bodenplatte.

Leutnant Helmut Ballewski                       Oberstleutnant Helmut Bennemann

Oberfeldwebel Werner Hohenberg                                             General Walter Krupinski       

Operation Bodenplatte Nicolas Trudgian



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