P-51 Mustangs / Me 262 By Stephen Brown (Original Pencil Drawing)

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P-51 Mustangs / Me 262 By Stephen Brown
Owning an original Drawing need not break the bank. You will find our Pencil Drawings to be reasonably and fairly priced.
As a family business we have low overheads and a passion to always offer the highest quality art at the most affordable prices.
Each is unique and can never be replicated. Imagine your pride in owning a original pencil drawing .

The image is an original pencil sketch by Stephen Brown and depicts the
P-51 Mustangs of the Fourth Fighter Group catching an Me262 by surprise as it approaches its base in Bavaria.
The sketch is signed by the following Mustang Aces.

Major General Donald Strait 326 FG, 356 FG, 108 TFW
Major John A Kirla 357 FG
Captain Clinton D Burdick 356 FG
Colonel Clarence ‘Bud’ Anderson 328 FG, 357 FG 355 TFW
Colonel Walker M ‘Bud’ Mahurin 56 FG, 25 FG, 4 FG
First Lieutenant Robert J Frisch 339 FG

Image Size 15.5 x 11 inch
Overall size including mount board 21.5 x 16.5 inches
Original pencil drawing on archival quality toned paper
P-51 Mustangs / Me 262 By Stephen Brown
Our price £455.00

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