The New Kings of the Rhine Stephen Brown


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The New Kings of the Rhine Stephen Brown

Hawker Typhoon Mk IBs of 247 Squadron swoop low through the Rhine valley in late 1944.
Having unloaded deadly rocket salvos against their primary objective they now search for further targets of opportunity before turning for home.
The steep sides of the Rhine valley are lined with castles and fortifications that tell the story of a struggle for power between royal families that began in the Middle Ages.
By the end of 1944 Hitler’s own reign was rapidly coming to a close,
Allied ground forces were moving across Northern Europe towards Germany’s borders and they had established vital air superiority.
Within a few short months US troops would, despite fierce resistance, cross the Rhine at Remagen in the final phase of war in Europe.
The New Kings of the Rhine Stephen Brown

 50 prints in the primary Limited Edition £105.00

The overall print size is 37” X 17” (94 x 43 cm)



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