Above and Beyond SR-71

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Above and Beyond SR-71

The SR-71 Blackbird was the world’s fastest and highest flying jet aircraft.
For over 23 years, the SR-71s gathered highly classified intelligence around the world for the President of the United States.
The Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, the Pentagon and other governmental agencies.

Limited Edition Prints are signed by the artist

25 Prints in the Artist Proof Edition
size approx. (60 x 36 cms)
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Philip E West

Philip West is recognised as one of the world’s finest aviation artists.
Collectors of his original oil paintings span the globe, many waiting patiently for his next breath-taking canvas to appear.
Self taught, Philip has won many accolades for his paintings,
not the least of which was the prestigious Duane Whitney Award for Excellence at the 1997 American Society of Aviation Artists Exhibition.


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