Against All Odds

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Against All Odds

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Against All Odds
Geoffrey Wellum joins combat head-on with a Dornier during the Battle of Britain.

He was part of a small group of 10 Spitfires from Biggin Hill facing 150 plus enemy bombers and fighters.
Other friendly fighters joined battle but the defenders were still vastly out numbered, a scene repeated on many occasions in the summer of 1940.
On this particular day Geoff scored a Heinkel destroyed, together with a Dornier as a probable.

Prints have been signed by Squadron Leader Geoffrey Wellum DFC

Squadron Leader Geoffrey Wellum DFC joined the RAF with a Short Service Commission in August 1939. ~
He joined no 92 Squadron flying Spitfires in June 1940 at the time of Dunkirk.
He flew throughout the Battle of Britain, later completing over 50 fighter sweeps and escorts over northern France and Belgium until August 1941.
He then joined 65 Squadron as Flight Commander in March 1942 operating over northern France and flew off Aircraft Carrier Furious on operation Pedestal,
to Malta. (Geoff was a Flt. Lt. during “Operation Pedestal”) He returned to the UK as a test pilot Gloster Aircraft and finished the war as a Pilot Attack Instructor.

Geoffrey Wellum was credited with three destroyed, four probable’s and several damaged and was awarded the DFC in July 1941.

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