Avro Lancaster Misty Morning Xmas card

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Avro Lancaster Misty Morning Xmas card

Avro Lancaster Misty Morning Xmas card
The Avro Lancaster was designed from the outset to build a bomber capable of reaching the heartland of the enemy.
Put this together with Rolls Royce Merlin engines, and a superlative aircraft was born.
No less than 59 Bomber Command units saw active service with the Lancaster, flying 156,000 sorties.
Some 7377 aircraft were built by six factories producing five different variants of the Lancaster.
Here is a typical wartime scene. Lancaster’s from 35 Squadron are being prepared for yet another Pathfinder mission,
with the ground crew busy servicing, rearming and refuelling the aircraft.

The Greeting cards are all one size 8″x4″
Here at SWA Fine Art we have produced a range of greeting cards and Christmas cards.

Cards can be purchased in any amount postage cost are a flat £1.50 for any amount of cards
Individual cards come with envelope and cellophane wrapped
Add Cards to basket as required
Message inside of card reads
(message inside card with best wishes for Christmas and the New Year)
£1.50 Each

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