Delta Lady Avro Vulcan


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Delta Lady Avro Vulcan
Overall size   approx. 29” x 24” (73 x 60 cms)

Delta Lady Avro Vulcan
Moments after take off, the mighty Avro Vulcan bomber begins her majestic climb through storm clouds, out over the British countryside towards the North Sea.
A masterpiece of British engineering ‘excellence’, with a crew of 5 she reached a speed of 625 mph and excelled at a height of 61,000 feet.
As well as a remarkable low level capacity for avoiding radar detection.
Built as a bomber and some 106 feet in length with a wingspan of 111 feet, she had no means of defending herself from attack.

The Limited Edition Prints are signed by the artist along with the following,
full RAF Vulcan flight crew

Squadron. Leader David Thomas (Pilot)
Wing Commander Michael Pollitt (Pilot)
Squadron Leader Andrew Marson (Navigator)
Squadron Leader Barry Masefield (AEO)

850 Prints in the Primary Edition
R.R.P £195.00
Special Offer £165.00

Please see below for details of the signers of this print


We do hope you will find these biographies of interest. We think that by knowing a little about the men behind each signature, it will help you get the most from your copy of “Delta Lady”.
We would ask you not to reproduce the biographies in any format without our permission.
Please bear in mind that the notes have been prepared by each individual and copied, with virtually no editing, by SWA Fine Art.

Squadron Leader David Thomas

Squadron Leader David Thomas joined the Royal Air Force in 1962. His Service career has been evenly split between being a qualified flying instructor and the Vulcan.
He has completed five tours of duty on the Vulcan, three of them as an instructor and he first displayed the aircraft in 1973.
In addition to the Vulcan, he has instructed on the Jet Provost, Tucano, Jetstream, DC3 and Lancaster.
Sqn Ldr Thomas currently serves at Royal Air Force College Cranwell and has participated in The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

Squadron Leader Andrew Marson

Squadron Leader Andrew Marson joined the RAF in 1970 and served as a Navigator/Plotter on Vulcans from 1971-1982, with an intervening three-year period as Navigator Instructor.
He amassed 2000 hours overall on the Vulcan. He transferred to Tornado GRI in 1983 and completed 1600 hours on the type, finishing as an instructor on the Tri-National OCU in 1997.
For the last four years he has served as QNI teaching low-level navigation and is currently on his third season as navigator on the Lancaster and Dakota of The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.
He has a total of 5700 flying hours.

Squadron Leader Barry Masefield

Squadron Leader Barry Masefield (Retd) joined the Royal Air Force in 1959 as a Radar Technician Apprentice.
After graduation he retrained as aircrew in 1963 and subsequently flew in Shackleton and Nimrod aircraft in Maritime Command until 1979.
Commissioned in 1979 he was posted onto the Vulcan fleet where he served until the demise of the aircraft as a bomber in 1983. During this time he saw active service during the Falklands conflict as a crew member on the Black Buck bombing sorties. In 1983 he was posted to the Victor tanker force again seeing active service during the Gulf war.
In 1986 he was invited to join the Vulcan Display Flight and flew on the team until 1993 when the aircraft was sold into private ownership.
Retiring from the Royal Air Force in 1994 he now runs his own business in Norfolk.

Wing Commander Michael M Pollitt

Wing Commander Michael M Pollitt joined the RAF in 1974. It is with regret that he joined the Vulcan Force so late in the aircraft’s life.
As a young co-pilot he was trained by David Thomas and later completed his captain’s course with Paul Milliken, finally being examined by Joe Le Estrange;
so enthusiastic display pilots always influenced his time on Vulcans.
After leaving the Vulcan in 1981 having logged 780 hours, he became a qualified flying instructor on Jet Provost (JP), first at RAF College Cranwell for four years.
Later he commanded the Central Flying School (CFS) JP and Tucano Sqn at Scampton and eventually returned to Scampton as Chief Flying Instructor of CFS in the Mid-90s.
His last command flying tour was as OC Flying at RAF Cranwell where he instructed on the Bulldog and Jetstream. He is currently CFSO at HQ STC.


Philip West is recognised as one of the world’s finest aviation artists.
Collectors of his original oil paintings span the globe, many waiting patiently for his next breath-taking canvas to appear.
Self taught, Philip has won many accolades for his paintings,
not the least of which was the prestigious Duane Whitney Award for Excellence at the 1997 American Society of Aviation Artists Exhibition.


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