Halifax Mission Artist Proof


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Halifax Mission

A Tribute to Bomber Command
It’s the 4th June 1944.
On the return flight to their home base at Croft Aerodrome in Yorkshire.
The crews had orders not to fly East of Southampton, and as they neared the Isle of Wight.
And they were rewarded with the spectacular sight of the Allied invasion fleet gathering for what proved to be one of the most significant and historic events of the second World War.
Flight Lieutenant George Dunn, DFC Ld’H Bomber Command Pilot

Between May 1943 and October 1943 George took part in air operations against targets in Occupied Europe and Germany, completing his first ‘tour’ (30 operations) two weeks after his 21st birthday.
During this time he took part in a number of ‘significant’ raids, including Hamburg and the V weapon research facility at Peenemunde.
And later with the meteorology flight flying solo sorties to obtain advance weather data for planning raids.
Now 96 years old, George is still active, giving talks about his experiences and raising funds for maintaining the Bomber Command memorial in London’s Green Park.

by Philip E. West
The overall size of the print 20” x 27½ / 51 x 70cms.

 prints are signed by George Dunn DFC, Ld’H
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