Hawker Hurricane Winter of 40 Christmas cards

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Hawker Hurricane Winter of 40 Christmas cards

Hawker Hurricane Winter of 40 Christmas cards

Ground crew finish up servicing and rearming Hawker Hurricane Mark I, V6864 ‘DT-A’, in the winter of 1940.
This aircraft was flown by Wing Commander Roland Robert Stanford Tuck DSO, DFC and Two Bars, AFC, (1916-1987) He was a British fighter pilot and test pilot.
257 Squadron RAF.
In 1941-1942, he participated in fighter sweeps over northern France.
On 28 January 1942, his Hurricane was hit by anti-aircraft fire and he was forced to land in France and was taken prisoner.
At the time of his capture, Tuck had claimed 29 enemy aircraft destroyed, two shared destroyed, six probably destroyed, six damaged and one shared damaged.
A skilful and courageous leader, Tuck had become a living legend within the Royal Air Force.

The Greeting cards are all one size 8″x4″
Here at SWA Fine Art we have produced a range of greeting cards and Christmas cards.
Cards can be purchased in any amount postage cost are a flat £1.50 for any amount of cards to a UK address.
Individual cards come with envelope and cellophane wrapped
Add Cards to basket as required

(Message inside card reads With Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year)
£1.50 Each

Overseas card order’s

Your business is important to us, we do not make any profit on shipping, we only charge what it costs us to ship
please see below for overseas multiple shipping.
Due to the variations on the weight and size of multiple card orders our web site is unable to work shipping costs out on overseas orders of more than 5 cards.
It can only charge one set fee so please be aware we may have to charge extra on orders of more than 5 cards.
We will email you if any extra charges need to be made.
If our web over charges on the postage we will refund the difference back to you.
Thank you for your understanding.

Europe 1 to 4 cards £1.95
5 to 9 cards £4.95
10 to 20 cards £12.50

USA / Canada / Rest of the World Postage cost
1 to 4 cards £2.95
5 to 9 cards £5.95
10 to 20 cards £15.95


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