Mosquito Pathfinders 169 Squadron

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Mosquito Pathfinders 169 Squadron

Groundcrew busy themselves readying their de Havilland Mosquito as the aircrew head out towards the Aeroplane,
for yet another mission to a high value target over occupied Europe during WW2.
Their dangerous job as Pathfinders is to accurately mark and bomb the target for the main heavy bomber force.
It required great skill in navigation, airmanship and courage.
The Mosquito proved to be a real thoroughbred and idea for many varied combat sorties so earning the nick-name The Wooden Wonder.

approx overall size 18″ x 27″ / 46 x 78cms.

40 Prints in the Artist Proof edition

All the Artist proof prints are signed by the artist and four aircrew

Flying Officer Doug Waite volunteered at the age of 18 and went solo at Brough in Yorkshire,
from where he went to Canada for further training at EFTS and SFTS with a final period at Spitalgate near Grantham flying Blenheims, Beauforts and Beaufighters.
Doug then joined 169 Squadron Mosquito night-fighter unit attached to 100 group, conducting various deployments.
The last one being 48 hours before the war ended, flying to Sylt at low-level dropping Napalm jelly 100 gallon drop tanks as bombs.
Mosquito Pathfinders 169 Squadron

Flt. Lt. Ted Dunford DFC, (Pilot) joined the RAF Volunteer Reserve in January 1939 at the age of 19. He was mobilised September 1, 1939.
Ted spent the next year training in the UK culminating in receiving his wings in September 1940.
he was sent to Southern Rhodesia as a flying instructor, then returned to the UK to join the Mosquitoes of 608 Squadron.
in the Light Night Striking Force (based at Downham Market, Norfolk) , flying fast high level raids,
navigated by Flt/Sgt. Bill Read (RCAF) and carrying 4 500lb bombs, and later re-equipped to deliver the 4000lb “cookie”.

On one raid, flak over Berlin caused serious damage, including total loss of aileron control.
The subsequent return flight and successful landing (at the third attempt) was recognised by the award of a DFC. On completion of the tour of 55 raids (including 27 to Berlin),
navigator Flt/Sgt. Bill Read was awarded the DFM. After the war Ted flew for another 28 years as an airline captain.

Flt. Lt. Les Brown AFC AFM AE & Mentioned in Despatches first joined the war as soldier in 1939.
He soon realised that he would much prefer to be fighting in the air rather than on the ground and soon joined the RAF and No. 4 Squadron.
He amassed a total of 1500 hours flying Mosquitoes. In his flying career he flew 31 different types of aircraft.

Flt. Lt. E O’Connor. We regret ill health subsequently prevented this pilot from sending us in writing his details of his flying career.


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