Night of Heroes – The Dambusters


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Night of Heroes – The Dambusters

by Philip E. West

Print size: 19 ¼ x 27 ¾” (49 x 68cms)

17th May 1943. Lancaster’s from 617 Squadron deliver a surprise attack on the Ruhr dams with specially designed,
unique bouncing bombs invented by Barns Wallis. Wing Commander Guy Gibson is shown drawing defensive fire away from Flt Lt Maltby’s aircraft as it passes over the Mohne,
just as his mine explodes and breaches the dam.
125 Prints in the Primary Edition £150.00

The Primary Edition is signed by Squadron Leader
George L. Johnson DFM (Bomb Aimer on AJ-T,
American Joe McCarthy’s Lancaster.

Squadron Leader George ‘Johnny’ Johnson DFM (Bomb Aimer, 617 Squadron)
went initially to the USA for pilot training. Frustrated at not qualifying and a burning desire to get airborne Johnny applied for the shortest possible training course; air gunner.
having completed this course successfully Johnny was posted to 97 Squadron as ‘spare’ gunner – mid or upper, whichever was needed.
At this time Bomb Aimers were being sought for the Lancasters and as this position warranted extra pay, Johnny applied and passed the training course.
He was then chosen by Joe McCarthy to join his crew before they were all transferred to 617 Squadron.

Flying in AJ-T, with American pilot Joe McCarthy and crew they attacked the Sorpe Dam from 30 feet, for which Johnny was awarded the DFM.
Johnny went on to fly 40 missions with Joe McCarthy at the controls.
Night of Heroes – The Dambusters



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