Soldiers in Petticoats


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Soldiers in Petticoats

By Alan Cooper

From the fields and factory production lines, to the front line, the women of Britain and her allies is often overlooked in history of World War Two.
The Women’s Land Army, WRNS and the WAAF are perhaps the best-known services in which women contributed significantly to the conflict.
Less heralded, perhaps, are the nurses, industrial workers, anti-aircraft crews and, the bravest of the brave, the women agents of the Special Operations Executive.
Alan Cooper’s book is an updated version of The Gentle Sex, a comprehensive account of the variety of roles played by the female half of the population, all of which were vital to the war effort.
Numerous personal accounts from the women who were there tell the story first hand.
They, too, shall never be forgotten.

Soldiers in Petticoats
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