The Untouchable SR-71


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The Untouchable SR-71

The Untouchable SR-71
The SR-71 Blackbird was the world’s fastest and highest flying jet aircraft.
For over 23 years, the SR-71s gathered highly classified intelligence around the world for the President of the United States,
the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, the Pentagon and other governmental agencies,
allowing them to make crucial political and military decisions during the Cold War.

At Mach 3+ cruising speed, the SR-71’s leading edges heat up to over 600 degrees F,
where the outside air temperature is already at a -60 degree F.
In September 1975 the SR-71 set a world speed record from New York City to London in one hour, 55 minutes.
When the SR-71 was delivered to the National Air & Space Museum in 1990, it set a Coast-to-Coast record,
flying from Los Angeles, California to Washington, D.C., in 64 minutes, 20 seconds.

Prints are signed by the artist along with the following,
Colonel Richard GRAHAM, USAF, (Ret.) – Former SR-71 and U-2 pilot

250 Prints in the Primary Edition
size approx. (71 x 48 cms)
R.R.P £195.00
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Colonel (Rtd.) Richard Graham was born August 19, 1942 in New Castle, Pa. He graduated from the University of Akron, Akron, Ohio,
in 1964 and received a master’s degree in sociology in 1977 and in Public Administration in 1979 from Pepperdine University, Los Angeles, California.
He graduated from Air War College in residence in 1982.

After receiving his commission from AFROTC he entered pilot training at Craig AFB, Alabama. In 1965 he graduated from pilot training and remained at Craig AFB as a T-37 instructor pilot and flight examiner.
In August 1970 he was assigned to Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona, to begin F-4 training.
Upon completion of his training he was assigned to the 555th Tactical Fighter Squadron (“Triple Nickel”) at Udorn RTAFB, Thailand from March 1971 to March 1972.
During that time he flew 145 combat missions over North Vietnam and Laos in the F-4C/D aircraft.

Philip West is recognised as one of the world’s finest aviation artists.
Collectors of his original oil paintings span the globe, many waiting patiently for his next breath-taking canvas to appear.
Self taught, Philip has won many accolades for his paintings,
not the least of which was the prestigious Duane Whitney Award for Excellence at the 1997 American Society of Aviation Artists Exhibition.


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